Exploring the Heart of Asia was created by three bloggers who dedicate their online writings to Afghanistan: Safrang, Home in Kabul and Afghanistanica. All three of us have increasingly busy lives outside of blogging and it was decided that we should put our time and creative effort into a single project rather than continuing to maintain our three separate blogs. Thus, Exploring the Heart of Asia was born.

About Home in Kabul

I was born in Afghanistan but left at a very young age. So young that I speak Dari with a distinct American accent. And yes, you may read the word y’all in my posts. I come by it honestly. Like all good refugee children, I harbored dreams to return to Afghanistan ‘to help fix my country’. I returned for the first time in 23 years in January 2003. That January, it snowed for the first time in five years and the Afghanistan of my imagination became a reality. It was a dustier and less idyllic reality, but much more interesting. I’ve gone back and forth countless times since then and Afghanistan is just as captivating as that first grey winter day when I shakily stepped down off of the Ariana Airplane and onto the Kabul Airport’s cracked & tattered tarmac.

I used to blog at Home In Kabul, and still do sporadically. If you need to contact me, email homeinkabul at g mail dot com.

About Safrang

I was born and brought up in Afghanistan and schooled in 9 different locations stretching from Jaghori to Kentucky. A student until recently, I currently work in development at the same time as scheming about how best to return to the student life.
Of the triumvirate that rules over the Heart of Asia and that stretches along the spectrum from the Afghan to the hyphenated Afghan-American (home in kabul) in between and finally to the Khareji (afghanistanica), I would be the Afghan.
I maintain two blogs, ‘Safrang: a blog about Afghanistan and the inexorable march of history’ and ‘Hamesha: an exploration of the dionysian’ -a virtual repository of all things under the sun.
You may contact me at hamesha noqta* safrang [the ubiquitous at sign] gmail noqta com.
*noqta (farsi): dot.

About Afghanistanica

I am a PhD student who is writing his dissertation on Afghanistan. Until recently I blogged at Afghanistanica. However, since much of my time is now taken up by research I found it too hard to maintain a blog regularly. So this little project fits nicely into my schedule. Of the three bloggers, I’m the khareji (no family connection to Afghanistan whatsoever). I’m from a small mountain town so I direct much of my attention to mountainous areas of Afghanistan, but I’m interested in all of Afghanistan. I’ll attempt to cover as many subjects as possible while keeping my sarcasm in check. I can be reached at afghanistanica at g mail dot com.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Ghost Jan Says:

    Good work guys and keep it up!
    but did it really snow after five years (About Home in Kabul)?

  2. homeinkabul Says:

    I was told recently that it did snow a little during those 5 years, but not enough for it to ‘count’. Back then, everyone said that it hadn’t snowed for 5 years. But my people like to embellish…

  3. Zohra Says:

    OMG your blog is so much fun to read! Thank you!

  4. Frida Says:

    I like it. A blog with Afghans and Khareji, men and women. I’m impressed – y’all might be breaking new ground here (I only speak with a southern accent when I’m blogging near HiK, it rubs off on me).

  5. mike bodnar Says:

    Im a teacher candidate at the University of British COlumbia. For one of our geography courses we need to design a lesson on using the computer in the classroom. Since Canada has troops in Afghanistan I thought it important to have students (high school) to learn more about the region and its people – particularly those affected by the war. So much of the stuff we are fed here by the CBC concerns the soldiers, and it is difficult to hear what Afghans are experiencing. I wonder if you can point me towards a good blog or a website where I and my students could get some details on daily life in Afghanistan.
    Thanks very much – I enjoyed reading the postings here.

  6. HI, i was going through your good work, but could not find your Bio. who are you and where are you and why you designed this blog.i believe your mission statement is more important to be found!
    Good luck!

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