Not that I will make a habit of mocking myself, but it just have to share this exchange between myself and “sarcastic man.” It was discovered that I actually attend a single class at Uni (outside of research) for language learnin’ and I mentioned some of the people that are in the class:

Me: “And then there is actually an Afghan girl in my class who grew up here speaking only English.

Him: “I might know her. What’s her name?”

Me: “I don’t know. I didn’t catch her name on the first day.”

Him: “What does she look like?”

Me: “Uh… black hair and… pretty… and uh…”

Him: “Oh! Black hair and pretty? Yeah, that’s so rare for an Afghan girl. You’ve really narrowed it down.”

I used the occasion to claim that there are some Afghan brunettes in existence (and even a rare blond). I convinced none present of this. But here I submit evidence for the defense:


And yes, she is from Afghanistan.


OK, I realize that that this fashion shoot has already been blogged by Barnett Rubin and Joshua Foust. But I must put up at least one photo from Fred Maroon’s 1968 Afghanistan photo shoot. It’s just so [insert adjective of your choice].

OK, and maybe one more:

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